Prevent Water Damage

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Prevent Costly Damage Before it Starts

AC Drain has developed a revolutionary patent-pending algaecide delivery system to kill algae growth in the residential HVAC drain delivery system. This Flex-Line unit uses solid algaecide tablets that assure 360° coverage to your pipes. Twice a year filter change and treatment will prevent the expensive damage and call to your insurance company.

Live in a condo or apartment building? $200 million of insurance claims occur from this exact scenario of buildup from mold and algae causing leaks that damage more than just your home. Don’t get handed the burden of paying for double damages. Install the Flex-Line system to eliminate the risk.

Dripping condensation most often occurs in hot attics, as in southern homes with no basement. By combining the Flex-Line unit with the AC Drain trap, you can forget about water damage and pain of replacing your ceiling!

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