How It Works

How It Works2018-10-17T10:29:57+00:00

Conventional means standard, and sometimes, just plain old standard doesn’t cut it. The AC Drain system will protect your home from water damage caused by your current HVAC drain system as well as increase the efficiency of your unit, all while saving you money in the process.

  AC Drain products are designed to withstand any type of challenges and work to prevent any type of problems.  Our products are backed with technology that offers innovative solutions, giving us – and you – the advantage.

So, what makes this product so great?

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If so, contact us about our insurance program on the Flex-Line unit.

AC Drain operates on a 5 Point Advantage System to ensure state of the art products, top of the line customer service, and hassle-free experiences for each and every client.

Ready to put our products to the test?

AC Drain offers free sample product kits to all new clients. Go ahead. Try it out. We insist. 

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