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Commercial Kits

AC Drain Commercial 1” Trap Kit  AC Drain 3000

This trap should be attached right to the unit and drain on the roof. The trap has been tested in colder weather states where the water will freeze without failure. The trap greatly increases the efficiency of any large commercial unit. This kit is designed to save the installers time by having all the components together. 

Kit Includes:

Part Number QTY
1″ Trap AC-1100-DT 1
1″ Coupling AC-1000-NPT 1

Commercial Products

AC Drain 1” Trap  AC-1100-DT

AC Drain’s unique drain trap is a compact water trap developed to prevent the loss of cold air down the drain line lowering the efficiency of the AC unit. This drain trap unit is designed not to break during winter freezing. Open drains are a huge efficiency problem as they are an always open 1″ hole for cold air to escape from the unit. If you have 10 of these units on a typical office complex it would be comparable to a 10″ pipe cooling the neighborhood.

1” NPT Coupling  AC-1000-NPT

These new patent pending couplings are a real game changer. These breakdown couplings allow you to disconnect your fabricated drain line from your HVAC for outside cleaning. It also allows you to build your drain over any access doors to the unit. A real plus in real tight areas.

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