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Who We Are And What We Do:

One of the worst things that can happen to your home is water damage. One of the most occurred claims to insurance companies is water damage from failed HVAC drain systems. We at AC Drain are excited to announce a revolutionary solution to prevent that dreaded call to your insurance company.

While creating our patent-pending solution, our goal was to create a product that not only fixed but prevented algae and mold buildup in your HVAC drain pipe. When we were developing our Flex-Line unit, as well as our unique trap, we looked at every aspect of the design, from looks to how it will physically connect and adapt to existing HVAC drain pipes.

Our Flex-Line unit uses an algicide delivery system to kill algae growth in the residential HVAC drain. It uses solid algicide tablets that last for weeks to assure 360° coverage to your pipes. Hazard liquids can only reach and kill what’s on the bottom of your pipes and are gone almost instantly after the first pan flushing. AC Drain’s Flex-Line will coat the pipe’s top, bottom, and sides as the tablets slowly dissolve. This treatment twice a year, along with the filter change, will prevent that expensive call to your insurance agent. 

For added efficiency, combine our Flex-Line system with our unique drain trap to prevent cold air escaping from your unit.

AC Drain offers faster, more efficient service calls, a program sale for repeat customers, and guaranteed results. In fact, we are so confident in our technology that we offer a supplementary insurance policy FREE with every new installation.

Ready to put our products to the test?

AC Drain offers free sample product kits to all new clients. Go ahead. Try it out. We insist. 

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